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abcmio makes you visible

abcmio.com is:

  • abc = all
  • Marketing,
  • Innovation,
  • Opportunities.

Worldwide (country, city, categories), register and become a user. We are this and more:

  • Tool to create and host business profiles (www.abcmio.com/oportunidad)
  • Opportunity Directory Network and Virtual Business Fair
  • We create nearby markets,
  • we can share everything Create and manage your ads
  • Cheap, simple and easy to use.
  • Old ads appear in the top positions on the home page
  • You can sell ads and advertising days
  • Payments by Paypal and direct in Haiti, Cuba and the Dominican Republic
  • Only US$5.00 per month.

By making our opportunities visible, we help create a more sustainable, organized and simple world.